She said, “You don’t stop, do you?”
He responded, “Most women start by saying, “Stop, don’t” to me, but later start saying, “Don’t stop”.

Rock ‘n Roll

She said, “I’ve Got a Rock ‘n Roll Heart.”
He responded, “I’ve Got a Rock, and I like to Roll.”


She said, “I have many hobbies.”
He asked, “Have you had any hubbies”?


She said, “I just wanted to say ‘Hi’.”
He responded, “As long as you don’t say ‘Bye’.”

Get Away

She said, “Let’s get together next week, unless I can get away tomorrow.”
He responded, “At your convenience, as long as you don’t get away from me.”

Contacts 3

She said, “I don’t like contacts in bed”
He asked, “So, you just like to watch?”.


Lady college student asked, “Are you at the ‘U’?”
Pointing to her, he responded, “No, I’d rather be at the ‘You’.”


She said, “Keep it up.”
He responded, “That’s what my ex-wife used to tell me.”

Volatility 2

He asked, “How do I reduce volatility in my marriage?”
She responded, “Say, ‘Yes dear. Whatever you say dear.'”

Volatility 1

He said, “I don’t like volatility.”
His friend responded, “Well then, don’t get married.”