He said, “I just friended the guy you introduced me to last night.”
She responded, “What?!”
He replied, “Don’t misunderstand. I did not friend him biblically.”


He said, “I’m a real estate broker.”
She asked, “Does that mean you are real broke?”


A young lady he just met said, “I’m an occupational therapist. I treat upper body extremities.”
He responded, “You know, men prefer women who treat lower body extremities.”


At a coffee shop, she asked, “Can you watch my stuff for a moment?”
He replied, “Sure. I was watching your stuff before your asked.”


He said, “I can make my assumption.”
She responded, “Define assumption.”
He replied, “Sumptuous ass.”


He said, “I can give you my assessment.”
She responded, “Define assessment.”
He replied, “The probability of me getting ass.”


He asked, “Can I use your cord to charge my phone?”
She responded, “There will be a charge.”
He responded, “Yeah, that’s what I am looking for.”


She said to a guy she just met, “I’m going to a potluck tonight.”
He responded, “I have a pot, but no luck.”
She replied, “You have a pot, but do you have pot?”
He replied, “Yeah, but I can’t find it. Can you come over and help me look for it?”
She replied, “No, my boyfriend wouldn’t like that.”
He replied, “Guess he’s got the luck. But, does he have pot?”


A young lady he knew said, “Why didn’t you say hello to me?”
He responded, “Because, I don’t want to say goodbye.”


During a conversation, she said, “That’s OK.”
He responded, “I’m OK? Thanks. My ex used to tell me I’m not OK.”