She said, “Keep it up.”
He responded, “That’s what my ex-wife used to tell me.”

Volatility 2

He asked, “How do I reduce volatility in my marriage?”
She responded, “Say, ‘Yes dear. Whatever you say dear.'”

Volatility 1

He said, “I don’t like volatility.”
His friend responded, “Well then, don’t get married.”


She said, “I aim to please.”
He responded, “Your phone number please.”

Contact 3

She said, “I like person to person contact.”
He asked, “In bed?”.

Contacts 2

She said, “I don’t like contacts in bed”
He responded, “I like contact in bed.”.

Contacts 1

She said, “I take off my contacts when sleeping.”
He responded, “I like women who take if off.”


Talking about marriage, she said, “I’d rather be a mistress.”
He responded, “As long as you don’t miss.”


Responding to something obvious, she said, “Apparently.”
He responded, “I’m looking for a parent of my future child.”


Talking about hotels, she said, “I love Essex.”
He responded, “I love ass-sex.”