She asked, “How does 5 go into 1?”
He asked, “5 guys into 1 girl?”

Free Meal

He said, “She’s looking for a free meal.”
His friend responded, “That’s OK, I’m looking for a free female.”

Going to Party

He asked her, “We are going to a party. Do you want to come.”
She responded, “No, I’m going home.”
He replied, “Well then, the polite thing to do is to invite me.”


At a restaurant she said, “I’m going to have muscles.”
He responded, “I have muscles.”
She responded, “I want the seafood kind you can eat.”
He replied, “You can eat mine, then eat the seafood after.”

Dressing Room

She said, “I thought you were in the dressing room.”
He responded, “I prefer undressing room.”

Working Out

He said, “I working out with her.”
His friend responded, “I prefer working in.”

Under Dressed

She commented, “She’s under dressed.”
He responded, “I prefer undressed.”


He said, “No man can take away your inherent rights.”
His friend responded, “Yeah, but a woman can.”


She said, “They’re expecting 10-14 inches of snow.”
Her friend responded, “I’ll believe it when it happens.”
She replied, “It’s like dating.”
Her friend asked, “Snow?”
She replied, “No, 10-14 inches.”


She said, “He has money.”
Her friend responded, “Money, but no interest.”
She replied, “Yeah, but he has principal.”