She said, “I can’t see you. Broke up with my boyfriend, and I just want to focus on myself.”
He responded, “I agree. I just want to focus on you also.”

Baby Shower

My wife said we are having a baby shower, so I went out and bought soap.


She said, “You’re at the bottom of my list.”
He responded, “Your list is upside down.”


She asked, “What do you do?”
He responded, “I’m a trader. I’ll trade you my telephone number for yours.”


He said, “I’m a party pooper.”
His friend responded, “The men’s room is over there.”


She said, “It’s too cold here. Bundle up.”
He responded, “‘Bundle up’ works, but ‘Cuddle up’ works better.”


She said, “You don’t stop, do you?”
He responded, “Most women start by saying, “Stop, don’t…Stop, don’t” to me, but later in the evening, they say, “Don’t stop…Don’t stop”.

Rock ‘n Roll

She said, “I’ve Got a Rock ‘n Roll Heart.”
He responded, “I’ve Got a Rock, and I like to Roll.”


She said, “I have many hobbies.”
He asked, “Have you had any hubbies”?


She said, “I just wanted to say ‘Hi’.”
He responded, “As long as you don’t say ‘Bye’.”