He said, Would go out tonight, but babysitting.”
His friend replied, “I prefer babe sitting.”

Going Up

In the elevator, she asked, “Going up?”
He responded, “I prefer going down.”

Eye Candy

He said, “I came here for the eye candy.”
His friend replied, “I prefer to eat eye candy.”

Better to Give

He said, “I am looking for someone who believes that it is better to give rather than take.”
She responded, “Me too!”
He replied, “Did I say “give”? Oh, I meant to say, “put out” :)”


She asked, “Are you religious?”
He responded, “Thank God, I’m an atheist.”

Pow Wow

She asked, “Have you ever seen a pow wow?”
He responded, “Well, I can pow wow you at my place.”


In a rush, she said, “You’re holding me up. I’m late for an appointment.”
He responded, “Well then, hand over your money.”

Hot Dog

Joking, he said, “I’m going to a girl party with a hot dog.”
His friend responded, “Better if you go with a Polish Sausage.”


She said, “I’m a fashion model.”
He responded, “I’m a passion model.”


She said, “He’s a racist.”
He responded, “He’s never even been to a race track.”