She asked her girlfriend, “What’s harder, working all night at work, or all night with a man?”
Her friend responded, “For working women, both are the same.”


Arguing with her boyfriend, she asked her girlfriend, “What do you think?”
Her girlfriend responded, “I don’t want to get in the middle of that.”
The boyfriend asked, “Do you prefer top or bottom?”

You Know

He said, “You know, I’m fucking with you.”
She responded, “Not yet. Maybe later.”


She said, “He has money.”
Her friend responded, “Money, but no interest.”
She replied, “Yeah, but he has principle.”


She asked, “Do you like TV?”
He asked, “Transvestites?”


She asked, “What’s the definition of ‘war'”
He responded, “It’s the past tense of ‘wear'”

House Music

She said, “Did you know that House Music originated in Chicago.”
He responded, “I’m more interested in bedroom music.”


She said, “In a successful relationship, first there is chemistry…. then there is compatibility.”
He responded, “No, first there is chemistry…. then there is biology.”


She said, “He is messing with you.”
He responded, “I’d rather mess with you.”


She said, “As a personal trainer, I studied movement science in college.”
He responded, “Maybe you can tell me how I can make a move on you?”