She said, “Hello there.”
He asked, “Hello where?”


Girl he just said hello to, asked; “How do we know each other?”
He responded, “We met in my dreams.”


She said to a guy who approached her at a bar, “We already met, and you struck out.”
He responded, “Well, that’s one strike against me. I still have two strikes left.”


She said about her friends outfit, “She out-skirts me.”
He responded, “I’d rather un-skirt her.”


She said, “My last name is Bonamassa. It means ‘good bread’ in Italian.”
He responded, “I prefer ‘good buns'”

Holy Week

She text, “Have fun, it’s Holy week..working”
He responded, “Holy cow, if forgot.”

Pass Over

He said, “I can’t go out tonight. It’s Passover.”
She responded, “Can’t you pass over Passover?”

Passed Out Food

He asked her at a party, “I’m looking for wrapped dates.”
She responded, “They are passing them out.”
He responded, “Not food, girls.”


He said to a young lady he did not know, “Don’t stand in front of the mirror.
She asked, “Why?”
Her responded, “I get excited enough when I see one of you. I will be overwhelmed with two of you.

Breaking Up

On the phone, she said; “You’re breaking up.”
He responded, “We haven’t event dated. How can we break up?”