Talking to a girl he just met, he asked, “Am I keeping you?”
She responded, “Yes, I have to leave.”
He replied, “Why are you leaving? I thought I was keeping you.”

Cash or Credit Card

She asked, “Do you want cash or credit card?”
He responded, “Your phone number.”
She replied, “No thanks.”
He responded, “Well then, your address. No, I mean undress.”

Meet Girls

He asked, “Where do I meet girls in the grocery store?”
His friend responded, “In the melon section.”


Meet Guys

She asked, “Where do I meet guys in the grocery store?”
Her friend responded, “In the banana section.”



She said, “You got commitment issues.”
He asked, “How did you know I’ve been committed?”


She said, “I hold my own.”
He responded, “I want to be your own.”


She said, “Don’t eat that”
He responded, “There is no other option.”
She replied, “Me.”


He said, “I’m being perfectly honest.”
She responded, “You may be honest, but not perfect.”

Go There

She said, “Don’t event go there.”
He responded, “I’d rather cum there.”

Running It

He said, “He’s running it.”
She responded, “You mean ruining it.”