Grey Hair

He said, “She’s not interested in an old guy with grey hair.”
She responded, “Don’t let grey get in your way.”

Fake Nose

At a party, he said, “Wow, look at huge red round fake nose that guy is wearing.”
She responded, “I’d be more impressed if he put it somewhere else.”

Snow Cone

She said, “I’m looking for a snow cone.”
He responded, “I have a snow cone, but my cone is not that big.”

Show Off

During acrobatic show, she said, “Now she’s just showing off.”
He responded, “I like the show, but I wish it were more off.”


She said, “You have to dress to impress.”
He responded, “Depends. Sometimes you have to undress to impress.”


She said, “I’m studying urban affairs.”
He responded, “If you have any questions, I know all about having affairs.”


She said about her girlfriend, “She’s outgoing.”
He responded, “Well, she wouldn’t go out with me.”


He asked, “Is size important?”
She responded, “Women don’t care about how big. They care about how deep.”


She asked, “What kind of girls do you want to meet.?
He responded, “Girls with meat.”


“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” -
Winston Churchill