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He said, “I’d use reverse psychology on her.”
His friend responded, “I’d rather use inverse physiology.”


He said, “I knocked their socks off.”
His friend responded, “I’d rather knock her stockings off.”


She said, “It’s so cold outside, I have two pairs of pants on.”
Her boyfriend responded, “Oh no, now I have to work twice as hard tonight.”


He asked, “Why do you have two AirPods?
His friend responded, “I like stereo.”
He replied, “I prefer to stereo with ladies.”


She asked, “Do you want makeup.?
Her girlfriend responded, “No, we didn’t breakup.”


She said, “This rocks!”
He asked, “My rocks?”


He asked, “Do you work for FedEx by any chance?”
She responded, “No, why do you ask?”
He replied, “Cause you look like you have the entire package!”

…. Sammy

Love Life

She asked, “How is your love life.”
He responded, “Up and down.”

Washington Monument

She said, “You are like the Washington Monument, always erect.”
He responded, “The difference is, I don’t need repairs.”

CAT Scan

She said, “If it doesn’t stop hurting down there, I’m going to have a CAT Scan.”
He asked, “Down there? Isn’t that a Pussy Scam?”