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Seat Taken

At a coffee shop, she asked a guy at the next table, “Is this table taken?”
He asked, “What’s your name?”
She responded, “Cindy.”
He replied, “Yes, this table is taken by Cindy.”


He asked, “How do define legitimate?”
His friend responded, “Legit mating. Mating according to law.”

Men’s Room

He asked, “How can a lady legally get into the men’s room?”
His friend responded, “Knock on the door and say, ‘Housekeeping’.”


He asked, “How do I get a girl to bless me?”
His friend responded, “Go up to her and sneeze.”


He said, “Define a good pianist.”
His friend responded, “A girl who knows how to handle a p…”


He asked, “Is she a good pianist?”
His friend responded, “You mean in the bedroom?”

Leg Injury

Doctors said, “Keep your legs elevated?”
Patient responded, “Yes, I took your advice and stayed in the elevator for 2 hours. Management told me I had to get out.”

Lady Receptionist

A lady receptionist asked him, “Do you have any questions?”
He responded, “Yes, what are you doing later?”


He said, “I like Jack Daniels.”
His friend responded, “I prefer Jill.”


He said, “Your business card has crumbs on it.”
She responded, “That’s a crummy joke.”