He asked, “Do you work for FedEx by any chance?”
She responded, “No, why do you ask?”
He replied, “Cause you look like you have the entire package!”

…. Sammy

Love Life

She asked, “How is your love life.”
He responded, “Up and down.”

Washington Monument

She said, “You are like the Washington Monument, always erect.”
He responded, “The difference is, I don’t need repairs.”

CAT Scan

She said, “If it doesn’t stop hurting down there, I’m going to have a CAT Scan.”
He asked, “Down there? Isn’t that a Pussy Scan?”


He said, “This rocks!”
She said, “Where did you see a rocking chair?”


He asked, “How are your hormones?”
His friend responded, “I like whore moans.


She asked, “Do you like 69?”
He responded, “I prefer 68. I like two holes better than one.”


He asked, “Are you going through your emails?”
His friend responded, “I’d rather go through my females.”


She said, “Have you ever been stalked?”
Her friend responded, “Only in the corn field.”


She said, “My doctor told me I might need an operation.”
He responded, “Do you know how to find out if you need an operation? Dial ‘0’ for operator”