Lady Receptionist

A lady receptionist asked him, “Do you have any questions?”
He responded, “Yes, what are you doing later?”


He said, “I like Jack Daniels.”
His friend responded, “I prefer Jill.”


He said, “Your business card has crumbs on it.”
She responded, “That’s a crummy joke.”

Bunnies in July

I saw two pretty girls at midnight wearing bunny ears on their hair. They were right near Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. It was the beginning of July.
I said “I can’t wait until Easter!”

Suction Cup

She said, “You have to put that suction cup on a flat surface for it to work.”
He responded, “Guess that means I can’t put it on your chest.”


He said, “I just friended the guy you introduced me to last night.”
She responded, “What?!”
He replied, “Don’t misunderstand. I did not friend him biblically.”


He said, “I’m a real estate broker.”
She asked, “Does that mean you are real broke?”


A young lady he just met said, “I’m an occupational therapist. I treat upper body extremities.”
He responded, “You know, men prefer women who treat lower body extremities.”


At a coffee shop, she asked, “Can you watch my stuff for a moment?”
He replied, “Sure. I was watching your stuff before your asked.”


He said, “I can make my assumption.”
She responded, “Define assumption.”
He replied, “Sumptuous ass.”